Construction, reconstruction and repairs of power lines 0.4-330kV

The principal activities of "Electrocon" Ltd is the construction, reconstruction and repair of all types of power lines (0,4 - 400 kV) and the installation of transformer substations of 110/35 and 10/0,4 kV. Auxiliary activities are: transport services (including for long loads), the production of steel structures for power facilities 0.4 - 400kV.

Over the years by "Electrocon" Ltd was built thousands of miles of power lines 10-0.4 kV, hundreds of miles of OHL 35-110-330kV, including "Giurgiulesti naval port switchgear - 110kV double circuit overhead line - 18km, SS 110/10 kV"; OHL 110 kV Gotesti-Falciu (Romania) - 25km, OHL 110 kV CHP-1 - V. Voda - 15km; unique crossing over the river Nistru 330kV OHL - about 1km.